Midlife Artists Unlimited: Support Group

About Our Members

Karle Konsultants: Business sponsor for Midlife Artists Unlimited. Karle Konsultants specializes in nutrition, wellness, and business consulting from a holistic perspective. As such, the Midlife Artists Unlimited support group was founded because of the recognition that emotional support is an important part of wellness. Currently creating a recipe book, The Scrumptious Cyclopedia of Salads.

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Kay Ellis: Author of the short story "A-Mazing," published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine in October of 2003. Currently writing a suspense novel, Race Against Catastrophe. We plan to add a Web page here for Kay's book soon.

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Elena Carlena: Comedian, cartoonist, commentator, editor, musician, and graphic artist. Frequent contributor to "the most liberal blog in America," Daily Kos; and featured guest on Politics and a Beer with Alec Kohut on blogtalkradio. Author of Les Beastiables cartoons, cute beasts that say beastly things, hilariously similar to certain news-making conservatives. The Greed is Piggy cartoon series is also planned. Coming soon!

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Snoopydawg: Photographer for more than 40 years, specializing in nature and scenic photography, particularly oceans and sunsets. Worked as an Ophthalmic Photographer for 20 years until disabled from a workplace injury. Now hoping to earn a little extra from scenic photography so that she can keep her home and her dawgs. The dawgs greatly appreciate all photo purchases!