Midlife Artists Unlimited: Support Group

Welcome to Midlife Artists Unlimited!

We are a support group based in Lexington, KY, for people anywhere who are in transition at midlife, particularly those who are returning to an earlier passion for any of the arts. We felt that support for transitions in midlife has been minimal, so wish to correct that. There is support elsewhere for young artists just starting out. We need support too. For more information, please see below the photos.

Butterfly 32 Butterflies at Pond Butterfly 33

You might like to join us if you:

The only requirement to join is the willingness to give and receive support online.

If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail us at the address below. Please put "Midlife Artists" in the Subject heading:

Email Address for Karle Konsultants

PLEASE NOTE: Butterflies are stressed because of habitat destruction, GMOs and resultant increased pesticide use, and climate change. We want to help, and you can help us help them! Please see the Butterflies page for more information.