Midlife Artists Unlimited: Support Group

Midlife Artists Unlimited Butterflies

We hope the photos of these butterflies, symbols of transition, bring you peace and joy.

Please see below the photos for information on how you can help butterflies!

Butterfly 3 Butterfly 31 Butterfly 19
Butterfly 35 Butterfly 12 Butterfly 34
Butterfly 22 Butterfly 37 Butterfly 11
Butterfly 23 Butterfly 30 Butterfly 42

How you can help butterflies: All butterfly photos are for sale! A full 50% of our profits will be donated to the Monarch Joint Venture. Butterflies are in trouble. As you might expect, their problems will worsen with climate change. Several butterfly conservation groups have banded together to help save the monarchs, to combat habitat loss and pesticide overuse. These actions will also help save multiple butterfly and other pollinator species, and so save us all. When you purchase butterfly-designed items, you will help us help them.

Please note these photos above are lower scaled than the high-quality originals.

If you would like high-quality photo enlargements, calendars, note cards, T shirts, or other items with our gorgeous butterflies, please contact us for further information. Yes, 50% of all our profits will be donated to the Monarch Joint Venture. We can be reached at the email below. Please put "Butterflies" in the Subject heading:

Image of Email.